Seller inspections protects all parties involved by providing invaluable information so that educated, informed decisions can be made.

Benefits to the Seller, Buyer and Agent

The inspection report provides the buyers with an independent, unbiased opinion from a third party, which they can then rely on before making their purchasing decisions.

The seller can schedule the inspection at his or her convenience.

Save Time

Seller inspections can reduce the need for last minute renegotiations.


The inspection report provides the seller with an independent, unbiased opinion from a third party.

Marketing Tool

Once issues have been rectified, the agents can utilize the report as a marketing tool that can help sell the home.


Online reports often tempt prospective buyers to view the home.

Fast Transaction

The reports might encourage buyers to waive their inspection contingencies.

Save Money

The buyer will save on the costs of an inspection as the agent or the seller will pay for it.


A seller inspection discloses problems in advance, allowing the seller the time to shop around for competitive contractors who can make the repairs.

A seller inspection provides full disclosure to the buyer, therefore making it easier to gain their trust and confidence.

Deals will be less likely to fall apart, the way they often do, when buyer's inspections unexpectedly reveal last-minute problems.