How can a pre-listing inspection help the homeowner stay in the driver’s seat?

A pre-listing building inspection, provides an unbiased report as to the condition of the home.  Pre-listing building inspections have advantages for all the parties involved.  For one, they allow the seller to identify any problems before they actually put their home on the market, thus providing the seller with the opportunity to rectify any issues before the buyer even gets involved.  Doing repairs ahead of time might also be more cost-effective than having to pay for a buyer’s contractors.  And, once these issues have been addressed, the selling price can be altered to reflect this, which can allow the seller to request a higher asking price.  Furthermore, the report, itself, can actually become a marketing tool for the realtor.

Additionally, pre-listing inspections allow the buyer to see the true condition of a home prior to making an offer.  This eliminates the need for last minute renegotiations, which are so often the reason that deals fall through.  Also, if the buyer is pleased with the seller’s pre-inspection report, the buyer may actually decide to forego the typical buyer home inspection.  Doing this would save the buyer $300-$500 (the cost of a typical property inspection), and it would enable the seller to close the deal more quickly and effectively.  In short, there are many advantages to a pre-listing building inspection.  If you are thinking of selling your home, the benefits of a pre-listing property inspection cannot be over-stated.

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