Disclaimer: My association provides me with a pre-listing agreement that we have to use in order to be protected by our insurance. If you are going to use the information below, or modify your existing agreement, please have a competent lawyer review it to be fully protected in your jurisdiction.

If you are an internachi member, they have an excellent pre-listing inspection contract that can be found here: https://www.nachi.org/pre-listing-agreement.htm the only thing missing for our purpose is a section where the client gives you the permission to share the report and with who. Most contract includes this:

The Client authorizes the Inspector to disclose the Inspection Report to third parties. No _____, or Yes _____ to the following third parties only _________________________________________.

Most inspection agreement include a section where you have to get permission to share the report with a third party. What you need to do is get the client to agree and write down PreInspected.com as one of the third party company that can receive the report. Here is what I use:

The Inspection Report is for the confidential use of the Client only and will not be disclosed to third parties such as real estate agents, sellers, or lenders (i) without the express written consent of the Client, (ii) except as required by law, or (iii) except as deemed necessary if, in the opinion of the inspector, there is a serious health or safety issue.

The Client authorizes the Inspector to disclose the Inspection Report to third parties. No _____, or Yes _____ to the following third parties only _________________________________________.

A pre-listing inspection is a valuable tool for a seller.  The Inspection Report is an opinion on the current condition of the Subject Property on the day of the Inspection and is not intended to be relied on by a potential third party buyer of the Subject Property.  The Inspection Report is for the exclusive use of the Client and it is not reasonable for any other party to rely on the Inspection Report.  Liability for errors, omissions, breaches of contract and/or negligence in any part of the Inspection or Inspection Report to any person other than the client is expressly denied and, accordingly, no responsibility is accepted for any damage suffered by any such person as a result of decisions made or actions based on the Inspection Report.

In order to use the system, we ask all inspection companies to first add their company on Pre-ListingInspection.com. That way, the inspector can add their logo, company description, pictures, ancillary services and we use that information to create the account on PreInspected.com so that you can start uploading reports and using the marketing features to grow your business.

Pre-ListingInspection.com is an information site where sellers can learn more about the advantages and benefits to having  a pre-listing inspection done. It also include a directory of all participating inspectors where sellers can schedule an inspection.